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Broad Acre Subdivisions

Research findings indicate that broad acre subdivisions would include developments of more than about 10 lots or where developments are stages into parcels of 10 or more lots. By their nature, Practitioners report that these subdivisions are complex and require involvement during all stages of the development.

Today, both Clients and Practitioners recognize this type of development as one requiring special expertise. Practitioners report the need to negotiate a fee to undertake such instructions that reflect the special expertise, responsibility, statutory authority and liability that in inherent.

Practitioners report and research findings confirm the understanding that as no two developments are the same and that different clients varying levels of input into the development process, it is not practical to proscribe a definitive fee for these instructions. However, on the basis of the Licensed Surveyor having statutory responsibilities as outlined in the previous section, it is common for Practitioners to seek to negotiate a fee of $650 per lot with third party costs treated in the usual manner and additional professional services being at the agreed hourly rates.

Research findings indicate some concern by Practitioners that special care should be taken when forwarding a client a fixed fee for services with regard to this type of development. Some Practitioners report the benefit of open consultation with Clients in regard to this matter: this is particularly the case with the introduction of ‘Smart Register’ plan requirements.

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