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TASKS AND FEES Introduction


Extracted from ‘Surveying Your Land Research Into Tasks And Fees’ as re-searched and published by the “Western Australian Institution of Surveyors” for the information of members of the public who require the professional services of a practicing Land Surveyor in the Perth metropolitan area.


This information has been compiled from information gathered from members and reflects fees that a Client is likely to encounter when engaging the services of a Licensed Surveyor in and around the Perth metropolitan area.

This information indicates a level of fees for certain services and may serve as a guide to the common services carried out by Licensed Surveyors. The fees stated herein are indicative only. Each Practitioner and Client is free to negotiate any fee that may be acceptable. As mentioned above the information in this survey refers to Perth and its metropolitan area. Factors such as location and cost of living will impact on Practitioners costs and therefore their fees outside this area.

The public and/or Practitioners may use the information herein to assist negotiations.

It is evident from survey results that Practitioners are taking care to negotiate a fee that reflects reasonable compensation for expertise, equipment usage and on-going liability.


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