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Philosophy.pngThe company aims to provide an all-inclusive approach to our clients surveying requirements by offering a comprehensive consultancy service. This ranges from development consultancy to project management. Each project receives the effort required to supply complete and satisfactory results, by providing assistance desired from idea to completion. Some clients prefer to handle the details themselves, while some clients present us with their concept and let us do all the work. We are comfortable in both roles.

To this end the team at Brown McAllister Surveyors takes its work seriously. Each member of the group is committed to sound morals and standing which is a philosophy the company embraces. Integral in this are the following factors:

Liaison – is important not only with the client and other consultants, but also with the surrounding community. Surveyors are normally at the forefront of projects by their presence in the field and it is important that they conduct themselves in a helpful, meaningful and polite manner that is appropriate to the client’s requirements.

Understanding – as surveyors it is essential to be part of the vision and goals of the work undertaken. This helps when carrying out certain survey tasks which may involve other members of the consultant team or simply a sole client. Engaging in this gives meaning to the tasks required.

Communication – by up-to-date reporting, dialogue and general information sharing is essential on any project. Brown McAllister Surveyors take the proactive approach in this regard by providing this communication when and where required.

Sound Technical Background – Brown McAllister Surveyors believes it has ample capacity from a technical sense, as would most professional surveying firms; however we believe each development also requires the consultant to become intimate with the project and have a good background in each aspect. This makes problem solving streamlined.