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Our experienced staff of Surveyors, Office Support and Technicians gives us the knowledge and ability to complete land survey projects in a professional and efficient manner. By staying at the forefront of surveying technology, and utilising key staff with experience, the company prides itself in being able to deliver this obligation by being able to provide a range of services as mentioned to follow:

Cadastral Surveys

GPS Surveys

Engineering Surveys

• Small to Large Residential Subdivisions
• Broad Hectare Developments
• Survey-Strata and Strata Schemes
• Strata Mergers & Conversions
• Property Council of Australia Surveys
• Lease Definitions and Easements
• Interests Only Deposited Plans
• Deposited Plan Drafting & Lodgement
• “Crown” (State of WA) Surveys
• Repegs / Identification Re-Establishment Surveys

• Control Surveys
• Photo Target Installation
• Asset Management Data Capture
• Boundary setout for Services Installation
• Service As-Constructed Surveys
• Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Surveys
• Static GPS Observations

• Feature and Contour Surveys
• Building Construction Surveys
• Road and Infrastructure Surveys
• Structure Alignments Surveys
• In Shore Hydrographic & Sea Bed Monitoring
• Monitor & Deformation Surveys
• Volume Surveys
• General As-Constructed Surveys